I take Southern hospitality very seriously. 

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, at age 15 my very first job at Kroger taught me the importance of outstanding customer service. Of always treating people with honor and respect. 

After spending over a decade working in corporate accounting and relocating to the sunny city of Dallas, people are still my priority. 

Often reading statistics about how many small businesses fail (one of the main reasons being running out of cash), formed my passion for helping entrepreneurs. I wanted to start using my skills sharpened in the corporate world to help small business owners with big dreams and maybe smaller, but no less significant, bank accounts.   

As a CPA and Quickbooks Advanced ProAdvisor, I fully understand that accounting and tax topics can be overwhelming and complex. My goal is to work with my clients to simplify what they need to know, deliver it exactly when they need to know it, and always do so in a way that is meaningful to them and their businesses. 

And of course, to always do my job with a smile.  

When I’m not focused on running my own small business, I also enjoy:

  • Traveling internationally with my husband

  • Dining at new restaurants

  • Challenging group fitness classes

  • Vanilla lavender and chai tea lattes from my neighborhood coffee shop

  • Making memories with family and friends

Myers-Briggs: E(93%) N(56%) F(60%) J(96%)

16 Personalities: The Protagonist

Top 5 Strengths: Relator, Futuristic, Communication, Woo, Positivity