My Entrepreneurial Journey - What This Blog Is and What It is Not


What this blog is

A transparent account of my entrepreneurial journey, written down as inspiration for those who desire to become entrepreneurs themselves.

What this blog is not.

An attempt to sell you on how you should become an entrepreneur. 
Nothing makes me roll my eyes more than stories of those who position themselves as an“overnight success”. As if suddenly, they did the thing or produced the thing and BOOM, they’re millionaires. And of course, they sell the means for you to do the same. 

Others preach the hustle hard mentality and talk about rising to grind at 4AM. And their extreme drive accompanied by long hours are a badge of honor to make their businesses a success. And to no surprise, they sell their method, too. I have no issue with that — to each her own.  

But here’s the thing: Everyone is different. And who you are will greatly affect how you run your business. 

There is no one way to be an entrepreneur. 

So, I’m simply sharing one approach: My way. That’s what this blog is, plain and simple. 

If you’re an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one, maybe my way will inspire you to create your own way.

Questions or comments? Share below. 

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