Bledsoe Consulting Services

as an entrepreneur, you don't launch your business to then spend your days focused on bookkeeping and taxes.


I get it. You're busy doing what you love. Bookkeeping and taxes become an afterthought. Transactions get out of control. 


Or maybe you're handling it just fine on your own, but would sleep better at night knowing you had a CPA in your corner to make sure you're doing things right.


Let's work together to get your taxes current, your bookkeeping accurate, and your company headed in the right financial direction.


Do more of what made you fall in love with your business in the first place. Here’s how I can help:


Income Tax Preparation

  • Preparation of federal and state income tax returns for small business owners (Sole Proprietorships, Single Member LLC’s & S-Corps)



Income Tax Preparation

  • Preparation of federal and state income tax returns for small business owners (Sole Proprietorships, Single Member LLC’s & S-Corps)


Tax Planning & Advisory Session

  • Ideal for small business owners who want to identify and implement operational changes now to reduce taxes later

  • During a one-hour Zoom call, we’ll review your individualized tax plan and discuss ways to reduce your tax liability


Quarterly Estimated Tax Preparation

  • Preparation of federal estimated quarterly tax payments

  • Ideal for entrepreneurs who wish to get as close as possible to zero taxes owed when taxes are filed

  • A partial return is prepared, considering all aspects of your tax situation including your current year-to-date profit




Quickbooks Online Bookkeeping

  • Answering your accounting related questions

  • Transaction posting

  • Bank reconciliations

  • Chart of accounts creation and management

  • Journal entry postings

  • Account clean up for transactions posted in error

  • Budget creation

    You decide how we work together and how often.


Quickbooks Online Training

  • For the DIY Entrepreneur who wishes to do her own bookkeeping

  • Training takes place during a one-hour Zoom call and includes one hour of training-related email support as needed


S-Corp Election

  • For an LLC business that wishes to be taxed as an S-Corp

  • Once we determine if being taxed as an S-Corp is right for you, I will complete a request and submit it to you to sign and mail to the IRS


Quickbooks Online Initial Setup

  • For those new to Quickbooks Online or to using an accounting system

  • Includes Quickbooks Online setup

  • A one-hour training session (through Zoom)

  • Email support as needed


New Business Strategy Session - For those who are new in business and wish to grow

  • Business strategy sessions take place during a one-hour Zoom call

  • Topics available for discussion relate to bookkeeping, business structure and tax


Virtual CFO

  • For the entrepreneur ready to embrace her role as a CEO

  • For businesses earning greater than $100k per year, Virtual CFO services are best provided in conjunction with bookkeeping and tax services

  • Includes a monthly financial analysis of the business during a one-hour Zoom call

  • Ideal for clients who wish to have a partner in their business who can aid them in operational modifications with a forward-looking approach

  • This interaction typically results in increased profits and reduced taxes owed


I don't live in Texas. Can I still work with you?

Absolutely. I provide services to clients from California to Florida. As long as you reside in the United States, then we can work together. 

How do we work together with everything being online?

Documents for all things tax-related are handled through the secure Quickbooks ProConnect portal making the entire process paperless. For your accounting needs, I use Quickbooks Online software. For training and coaching sessions, I use Zoom video conferencing. Contracts are completed through Docusign. Payments are accepted electronically through Quickbooks invoicing (I don’t accept cash or checks as payment). 

Since everything is online, is my information safe?

Keeping client information secure is a top priority. I only use secure networks when working on client accounts and utilize a VPN (a virtual private network where everything we exchange is encrypted to the outside world) for an extra layer of security.

I'd like for you to handle by bookkeeping, but I do not use Quickbooks Online. Is that an issue?

At this time, I’m only providing bookkeeping services to clients who already use or who are interested in using Quickbooks Online.  

I'm behind on my taxes. Is that a problem?

Of course not — it happens. I help my clients get caught up on past due tax returns, then help them remain current. Together, we can do this. 

Can't I just handle my accounting and taxes myself? 

Absolutely. With great products like Quickbooks Online, doing it yourself seems simple and ideal. But the truth is, gaining 100% certainty that what you’re doing (and how you’re doing it) is 100% correct takes a lot of time. Time attending accounting conferences and training, calling customer support, searching for (trustworthy) answers online, learning and re-learning things you only think about one or two times each year — it adds up fast, and your time is valuable. If you were in legal trouble, would you try and DIY your way around the law, or hire a lawyer? The intricacies are the same. Believe it or not, hiring a CPA on the front end will be more cost effective. My advice? Take out the guesswork, remove the fear, and hire a pro. Your future self will thank you.  


Melanie has been such a detailed and organized partner for me. I am so grateful for her!
— Heather A, Yelp, August 22, 2017